The Blind Tiger Barbers is a luxury barbershop specializing in men’s haircuts, styles, knowledge on product application and straight razor shaves. At the barbershop, you will receive an outstanding quality of service and attention to detail. We will provide a fun and professional environment, consistency, and convenience to our online booking application and an experience you deserve.

Executive Haircut

Consultation, haircut, shampoo, condition, hot towel, straight razor neck shave, blow dry and style hair.

Executive Straight Razor Shave

Apply warm shaving lather and a hot towel to soften skin and open pores for a close shave. Straight razor shave with the direction of the grain. Apply warm shaving lather with a second hot towel. Straight razor shave across grain for a closer shave. Apply a cold towel to sooth skin and close pores.

Beard Trim

Shaping and trimming of beard. Line up cheek and neck with outliner clipper. Apply beard balm to moisture beard and skin.

Relaxation Rest Facial

Apply hot towel to relax muscles and open pores. Application of facial cream to moisturize. Facial muscles massaged to improve blood circulation and relaxation. Apply cold towel to close pores.

Blind Tiger Bachelor

Clip, Sip, & Celebrate: The Ultimate Private Groom’s Grooming Experience.

Tattoo Artist

Custom Tailor

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